**Feel like you are unable to commit to a committee chair or co-chair, but would still like to help? No problem. Simply join us at a monthly PTO meeting or contact us at and we can help find the perfect opportunity for you to contribute based on what your time allows. Helping hands, minds, and hearts are ALWAYS WELCOME!

Click here for the April meeting minutes.


All parents are welcome to get involved and attend our monthly PTO meetings. Our meetings take place the first Monday of each month at 6:00PM. Please join us!

Welcome to Mize PTO where everyone is a member and there are no dues to pay! Building community and parental involvement through family activities, volunteering, and/or fundraising is the HIGHEST PRIORITY for our Mize PTO committee. We help fund things such as field trips, staff appreciation, and teacher grants. We also give back to our community through our toy and food drives we organize throughout the year. Look for our PTO section in the Hawkeye school newsletter for the latest information.


Any questions or comments please contact